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The Story

TL;DR - A 14-year-old artist is trying to understand the journey of his life he is destined to take.

A Salvadoran coming-of-age story...

Jay, a talented 14-year-old artist is trying to understand the journey of his life he is destined to take. He lives with a strict single mother, Alma, who is expecting another child. She expresses nothing but tough love to Jay. Without a father being present, the struggle to maintain a good and stable living becomes harder each present day. To Jay there is no family. So Jay becomes frustrated and rebels against his mother and her rules.

While living in a working-class Salvadoran or “Salvi” neighborhood in Brentwood, NY doesn’t help much either. Most kids are as troubled as the fathers that raised them. The only hope for Jay is to leave this tough urban neighborhood. However, for now, Jay needs to be street savvy and courageous in order to make it. The only family he can depend on are his two “brothers,” Albert and Cisco, his best friends.

Eventually, these three boys get into deep trouble as they vandalize the corner bodega, confront the neighborhood bully Ray, and discover a new toy that salivates their interest: a loaded gun. Things seem to be under control until tragedy strikes when Albert is violently beaten by Ray and his gang. Being tired of being bullied, Jay and Cisco seek vengeance for their best friend. Now, all of a sudden the “new toy” is geared to becoming a lethal weapon. Jay will soon learn and understand the fate that is chosen for him as one "moment" can forever lose your innocence.

All of the pieces in Jay’s young life begin to appear in a mural he’s painting in his room. These fragmented images, whether good or bad, are all essential to him becoming a young man.


The Crew

Learn more about the amazing people behind the scenes that are helping to make the film a reality.


The Cast

These bright and talented actors have come a long way and this is only the beginning.

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