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About Us

Being Salvadoran -Americans, we’ve always felt the Central American community has been underrepresented in film. And we truly believe that there is also a lack of Central American Films being made in general. THESE DAYS has the opportunity to be one of the first full-feature film made about the Salvadoran-American experience in the United States.

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Our Goal

So our goal was to make a feature film that highlights a cast that is mostly from a Salvadoran decent or part of the Central American culture. But mainly, we wanted to demonstrate that there is a definite need for a film like this because we are a large community that has been overlooked.

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The Location

Not only do we want the Central American culture to be the focal point, but we filmed in Brentwood, NY one of the largest Salvadoran communities in the
 United States. Respectively, Salvadorans are the majority Latin group in this area.

Interesting enough there are many large existing communities across the United States like Los Angeles, Houston, and the Washington D.C. area to mention a few. So it was very important for us to genuinely make a story where an actual Salvadoran neighborhood exists.


The Vision

We feel this is the time to tell our own stories about what it means to be a Central American. What is heard mostly in the media about the culture is centered on gangs, violence, and a civil war that is always publicized. As the creators These Days, we wanted to make a difference and make a positive film.     

Therefore, this story is a reflection of the film directors experiences growing up poor with a single-parent mother. He wanted to touch on the difficulties that a single mother faces and the inspiration they give. With this story we hope to spark more films from other Central American filmmakers, so that we can turn to another Chapter of our culture.

Our Connection with These Days

The making of These Days

We filmed These Days in Brentwood, Long Island over the course of two weeks. Our amazing cast and crew worked hard to bring the project to life, and now you can get a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes.

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